Wednesday, August 25, 2010


By Dave Ingram, K4TWJ (SK)
This book was being given FREE to all who wished to download it for their personal use. I have since had to close Dave's website: because of what I perceived as no interest and no support. It is Dave's final work and his legacy to Amateur Radio. Those of you who downloaded it, I hope you have enjoyed it and as Dave always said "And may the force of good signals always be with you."
  I would like your comments as to whether there is interest in my printing this book. You may e-mail me at


Sandy Ingram Myrick, WB4OEE

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dave Ingram, K4TWJ's passing

It is with great sadness I let you know that Dave passed away Wednesday morning, January 20. Amateur Radio is certainly going to miss his enthusiasm and his wonderful and enduring love for ham radio. He loved to tell the world about ham radio and anybody could join in with little money to invest...or a lot. My thanks go out to each and everyone of you who have sent special Get Well Wishes and prayers for Dave. He was in God's hands and I know that somewhere up there he is going to be using ham radio and CW...he has a key with him on his journey. Maybe he will meet all of you someday in God's great land! 73, 88 and may God be with you all. Sandy Ingram, WB4OEE

P.S. Dave's books will be available for as long as hams would like to purchase them.