Wednesday, August 25, 2010


By Dave Ingram, K4TWJ (SK)
This book was being given FREE to all who wished to download it for their personal use. I have since had to close Dave's website:  It is Dave's final work and his legacy to Amateur Radio. Those of you who downloaded it, I hope you have enjoyed it and as Dave always said "And may the force of good signals always be with you."
  I would like your comments as to whether there is interest in my printing this book. You may e-mail me at

         If there are those of you who did not get to download Dave's last book, you can e-mail me and I will be happy to provide you an e-mailed copy.
 Sandy Ingram Myrick, WB4OEE

Monday, March 23, 2009

QRP Romps!

QRP Romps!
Yes you can work the world with QRP!!
New to QRP or just been busy with life's little diversions and need up-to-date details on what's hot and happening in QRP gear, goodies, on-the-air activities, clubs and conventions? Check out my new book "QRP Romps!" and you will be "in the know like an old pro" quick as a flash. Various chapters highlight commercially made gear, kits of all types, antennas large and small, and pocket-size transmitters and receivers you can home-assemble in two or three hours time. In particular, the chapter on operating strategies and secrets for successful DXing is beneficial to high and low power operators alike--and easily worth three times the book's cost.
QRP Romps! is $18 (U.S.). Book is available from ARRL .

Sunday, January 21, 2007

World of Keys (Keys III)

KEYS III: THE WORLD OF KEYS The World's Most Unique, Exotic, and Glamorous Keys- New And Oldby Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

The World of Keys is a visual celebration and lighthearted study of amateur radio's all-time favorite accessory. Keys have been an integral part of radio since and even before its beginning: they are true pieces of telegraphic history you can hold in your hand, genuine collectables, and many keys are also sheer works of art in brass. This new KEYS book includes:
  • Spark keys
  • Double Lever Keys
  • Camelback Keys
  • Proud Pumpers from the Past
  • Far-Out Fun Keys
  • Vibroplex Semi-Automatic Keys or "Bugs"
  • Classic Semi-Automatic Keys or "Bugs"
  • Bugs Beyond Belief!
  • Marvelous Miniatures
  • Modern Keys, Bugs and Paddles
World of Keys is $18.00. This book is available from ARRL.


KEYS II: THE EMPORIUM The World's Most Admired Keys - New And Old
by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

This book was inspired by numerous requests for a sequel to my popular "Keys, Keys, Keys" book published a several years ago. Rather than continuing with "more of the same" (although that expansion would have made a terrific book in itself), however, I pulled out all the stops to bring you views of the world's most admirable keys. Indeed, this blowout collection features many keys never before seen in publication! It includes hand keys, bugs fully automatic bugs, paddles, verticals and miniatures in both old and new categories. Most of the older keys are collectors' prides; most of the new (and available right now) keys are well on their way to becoming modern classics. Combined, they make an absolutely incredible collection I can only describe as a "keys emporium". This book includes:
  • Classic Hand Keys
  • Ever-Popular Bugs
  • Unusual Bugs
  • Exotic Bugs and Keys
  • QRP Keys and Paddles
  • New Keys and Paddles
Book is $16.00 (U.S.). Book is available from ARRL.

Saturday, January 20, 2007



View the Keys

  • A replica of Samuel Morse First Key: The Correspondent
  • A replica of the Titanic’s Spark Key
  • 1880 Chubbock Key
  • Gold pinstriped 100 Anniversary Vibroplex Bug
  • WB9LPU’s incredible oscillating Rotor Bug
  • WB9LPU’s Coffee Cup Coaster CW Paddle—Just sit cup on it and use handle as fingerpiece. It’s a treat!
  • N3ZN’s Magnetically Tensioned Paddle key
  • Exotic fingerpieces by WB8LZG

Read the Papers
  • Samuel Morse developed the canvas stretcher-type telegraph
  • Transcripts and log extracts from the Titanic event
  • Evolution of Western Union
  • Story of H.G. Martin and The Vibroplex Company
Listen to the Sounds
  • Hear recordings of Spark Gap-transmitted SOS messages from MGY-- call sign of the Titanic
Join the Clubs
  • Applications and invites from FISTS, SKCC, more
Meet the People Behind the Keys
  • Via Web Cam and Internet link (presently under development)

Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, and friends put together a special collection of telegraphic treats, artifacts and CW keys for display at amateur radio conventions and rallies of all lands. THIS HISTORY-MAKING DISPLAY IS HOUSED IN AND TRANSPORTED IN A SELF-PROTECTING 26 BY 15 BY 8 INCH CASE THAT OPENS UP AND EXPANDS OUT IN 2 MINUTES TIME. It contains views and details of Samuel F. B. Morse’s first pen and canvas-type telegraph, H. G. Martin’s first semi-automatic key, a recording of how the Titanic’s S.O.S. sounded in 1912, plus information on and invites to join several CW clubs. It also features a replica of Samuel Morse famed “Correspondent” key, the Titanic’s spark key, an 1880-style Chubbock key, a 1905-styled Vibroplex bug, WB9LPU’s new RotoBug, N3ZN’s glamorous round-based paddle, a bevy of exotic fingerpieces and much more.

Shipping cost is always a prime consideration, so space and weight are a premium in this traveling display. As such, only the most noteworthy and admirable keys, bugs, paddles, papers, books, CDs, etc. have been included in the display. If interest and funds permit, an optional box of souvenirs, miniature keys, etc. is available to compliment the display. A webcam link with amateurs supplying item/info in display is also being planned.

You pay cost of shipping display case (approx. 28 by 16 by 8 inches and 30 pounds) from previous location of showing/display to your location. Since a representative will not be traveling with the display (unless you invite one of us as a guest/forum speaker!), we emphasize you—the club/organization/society sponsoring the convention/rally/show must be responsible for the safety and security of the display from the time it arrives at your QTH until it leaves your QTH. Do not be discouraged here, however. While several items cannot be easily replaced, the display’s overall value is under $2,000 dollars.

I urge you to assign one person—ideally, one with a high interest in and enthusiasm for keys, CW and telegraphy—immediately accountable for all parts of display. I also encourage you to set up the display in an area adjacent to your convention’s own area/booth/stand so you (or the previously mentioned keys enthusiast) can keep a watchful eye on it. The double benefit here is the telegraphic display will compliment your organization.

Handled diligently and responsibly in the traditional amateur radio manner, this traveling telegraphic display can make your convention an extra-special and always remembered event. Give it a go!

Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, envisioned and instigated this traveling display with the purpose of handing down amateur radio's proud history, legacies and traditions from generation-to-generation so they live on throughout the annals of time. He is seeking sponsors to help support the display's travel from country-to-country. Tell your convention chairman about the display so you too can be included in its schedule of travel.
RECAPPING1) The traveling telegraphic display will be shipped between locations in generally same areas “leap frogging” around the U.S., then make a jump into Europe. Then it will again ship between generally same areas, making another continental jump, etc. until traveling around the world and returning to the U.S.

2) I urge you to reserve a spot on the world-touring display’s schedule RIGHT NOW—before it travels past your area. Also, the more near-to-each other areas of showing, the shorter then point-to-point travel and the lower the shipping costs.


3) State date(s), location and type event. If you do not receive a reply within 7-10 days, assume your message was lost in cyberspace and send again. THIS IS DESTINED TO BE A BIG EVENT!! SIGN UP NOW!

Unfortunately this is no longer available.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keys, Keys, Keys

Keys, Keys, Keys A Visual Celebration of Amateur Radio's Favorite Accessoryby Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

This book is well illustrated and is now in its fourth printing. It has withstood the test of time and become a classic and a collectible. Chapters include:

  • Famous Name Bugs
  • Limited Production Bugs
  • Collecting, Restoring, Adjusting and Using Keys
  • Hand Key Haven
  • Telegraph and Code Apparatus of Yesteryear
  • Modern Keys and Paddles
  • And Much More
This book was published/printed by CQ Publishing (CQ Magazine). They are no longer publishing it. Please contact them for any questions. Copies may possibly be available from our friends at Morse Express.

Your Guide to HF Fun

Your Guide to HF Fun by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

Whether you recently acquired a new or upgraded license, are returning to amateur radio after an extended absence, or simply wish to expand your horizons, this easy-to-understand book is your hands-on guide to enjoying the fascinating world of HF communications. HF is a world filled with exciting DX, terrific contests, super-featured gear and special folks just like you. Yes, and the ability to communicate with amateurs in distant lands on a person-to-person basis of international friendship and goodwill forms the backbone of HF and amateur radio. It is also this unique communications ability for which radio amateurs are widely known and respected. Book details are listed below:
  • The Glitz and Glamour of HF
  • A Quick Study of HF Transceivers
  • Setting Up a Safe and Effective HF Station
  • Selecting, Installing and Tuning HF Antennas
  • Overviewing the HF Bands
  • How to Sound Great and Operate Like a Pro
  • The Fine Art of DXing and Contesting
  • HF Mobiling in High Style
Book is $16.00 (U.S.). Book is available from ARRL.

- ---- - - - - - - - - -


ULTRA LIGHT HF'n (No longer available)Portable Fun and Survival Ready!
by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

As you might surmise, the inspiration to write this book began with a keen interest in personal portable fun plus a sense of necessity in emergency preparedness. Our main focus herein is on HF rather than VHF or UHF activities, and the reason for targeting HF is quite simple. Radio amateurs of all license classes generally understand how 2 meter groups and repeaters address local area needs during emergencies, but finding similar "how to" guidance for portable HF'n is much more challenging. That is the thrust of this book, and I sincerely hope it motivates you to join the ever-increasing number of amateurs having fun "Ultra Light HF'n". Check out what is included:
  • HF to Go: The New Trend For The New Times
  • Operating Portable: A Plan for Success
  • Monitoring World Affairs Via Shortwave
  • Mini Rig Mania
  • Amazing Antennas
  • Accessories Abound! Ideas Galore!
  • Alternate Energy Systems
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

33 Simple Weekend Projects

33 Simple Weekend Projects,
for the Ham, the Student, and the Experimenter!

by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ
The picture on the cover says it all. Have you ever wished you had a guidebook for getting a child interested in electronics and amateur radio? These educational and practical projects demand the minimum in skill or experience, and will provide hours of fun. The chapter headings are:

  • The Joys of Homebrewing
  • Elmer's Sugarcoated Electronic Theory
  • Projects for the Home Station
  • HF Antennas
  • Special Treats for VHF Enthusiasts
  • Big-time Accessories for Your HF Mobile Rig
  • A Potpourri of Fun Projects

  •  You may have to search the Internet for the availability of  Dave's book: "33 Simple Weekend Projects ".


    Dave says---
    I may not be able to reach thru the Internet and hand you a free gift or official Wild Woody WARC Key when visiting my blogspot, but I can show you how to quick-assemble your own miniature key from readily available parts. Remember this is only a fun item. The keys featured in my books are much more elaborate!
    To quick-assemble your own miniature key right now? Just grab one of the popular 50/300 ohm TV baluns, a pushbutton from a local Radio Shack and put them together.
    • Pop open the balun's case, remove its innards
    • Insert a single pole pushbutton of your choice in the balun's hollowed out space for a push-on plug. Select a pushbutton that has a good feel. Purchase a spare perchance you wear out the first one.
    • Add short wires between the pushbutton and the balun's screw terminals.
    Enjoy a neat palm-size key for portable operation. It is a real fun item and a genuine attention grabber!

    Monday, January 01, 2007

    N3ZN QRP Key

    I have been using this new QRP paddle for several days now and must say it is the most impressive looking, smooth acting and best handling miniature I have used in many moons. It's a gem! The brass finish looks superb and adding a lacquer coating so it does not tarnish with age is a clever idea.Unlike most magnetically tensioned paddles that have a flat feel, the paddle has excellent snap action. Also, the adjustments give full range to mate feel with one's fist. In fact, it operates so smooth that I can send good CW with either hand. It's a gem! Compliments to N3ZN on producing a masterpiece!

    K8EPE Microphone Paddle

    N8EPE (DOUG) came up with this highly nostalgic idea for his unique paddle. The model p3 and battery are installed inside the D104 mic head. Using an old crystal case for the paddles is just perfect.