Tuesday, January 16, 2007

33 Simple Weekend Projects

33 Simple Weekend Projects,
for the Ham, the Student, and the Experimenter!

by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ
The picture on the cover says it all. Have you ever wished you had a guidebook for getting a child interested in electronics and amateur radio? These educational and practical projects demand the minimum in skill or experience, and will provide hours of fun. The chapter headings are:

  • The Joys of Homebrewing
  • Elmer's Sugarcoated Electronic Theory
  • Projects for the Home Station
  • HF Antennas
  • Special Treats for VHF Enthusiasts
  • Big-time Accessories for Your HF Mobile Rig
  • A Potpourri of Fun Projects

  •  You may have to search the Internet for the availability of  Dave's book: "33 Simple Weekend Projects ".