Tuesday, January 16, 2007


ULTRA LIGHT HF'n (No longer available)Portable Fun and Survival Ready!
by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

As you might surmise, the inspiration to write this book began with a keen interest in personal portable fun plus a sense of necessity in emergency preparedness. Our main focus herein is on HF rather than VHF or UHF activities, and the reason for targeting HF is quite simple. Radio amateurs of all license classes generally understand how 2 meter groups and repeaters address local area needs during emergencies, but finding similar "how to" guidance for portable HF'n is much more challenging. That is the thrust of this book, and I sincerely hope it motivates you to join the ever-increasing number of amateurs having fun "Ultra Light HF'n". Check out what is included:
  • HF to Go: The New Trend For The New Times
  • Operating Portable: A Plan for Success
  • Monitoring World Affairs Via Shortwave
  • Mini Rig Mania
  • Amazing Antennas
  • Accessories Abound! Ideas Galore!
  • Alternate Energy Systems
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