Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Dave says---
I may not be able to reach thru the Internet and hand you a free gift or official Wild Woody WARC Key when visiting my blogspot, but I can show you how to quick-assemble your own miniature key from readily available parts. Remember this is only a fun item. The keys featured in my books are much more elaborate!
To quick-assemble your own miniature key right now? Just grab one of the popular 50/300 ohm TV baluns, a pushbutton from a local Radio Shack and put them together.
  • Pop open the balun's case, remove its innards
  • Insert a single pole pushbutton of your choice in the balun's hollowed out space for a push-on plug. Select a pushbutton that has a good feel. Purchase a spare perchance you wear out the first one.
  • Add short wires between the pushbutton and the balun's screw terminals.
Enjoy a neat palm-size key for portable operation. It is a real fun item and a genuine attention grabber!