Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Your Guide to HF Fun

Your Guide to HF Fun by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

Whether you recently acquired a new or upgraded license, are returning to amateur radio after an extended absence, or simply wish to expand your horizons, this easy-to-understand book is your hands-on guide to enjoying the fascinating world of HF communications. HF is a world filled with exciting DX, terrific contests, super-featured gear and special folks just like you. Yes, and the ability to communicate with amateurs in distant lands on a person-to-person basis of international friendship and goodwill forms the backbone of HF and amateur radio. It is also this unique communications ability for which radio amateurs are widely known and respected. Book details are listed below:
  • The Glitz and Glamour of HF
  • A Quick Study of HF Transceivers
  • Setting Up a Safe and Effective HF Station
  • Selecting, Installing and Tuning HF Antennas
  • Overviewing the HF Bands
  • How to Sound Great and Operate Like a Pro
  • The Fine Art of DXing and Contesting
  • HF Mobiling in High Style
Book is $16.00 (U.S.). Book is available from ARRL.

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