Sunday, January 21, 2007

World of Keys (Keys III)

KEYS III: THE WORLD OF KEYS The World's Most Unique, Exotic, and Glamorous Keys- New And Oldby Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

The World of Keys is a visual celebration and lighthearted study of amateur radio's all-time favorite accessory. Keys have been an integral part of radio since and even before its beginning: they are true pieces of telegraphic history you can hold in your hand, genuine collectables, and many keys are also sheer works of art in brass. This new KEYS book includes:
  • Spark keys
  • Double Lever Keys
  • Camelback Keys
  • Proud Pumpers from the Past
  • Far-Out Fun Keys
  • Vibroplex Semi-Automatic Keys or "Bugs"
  • Classic Semi-Automatic Keys or "Bugs"
  • Bugs Beyond Belief!
  • Marvelous Miniatures
  • Modern Keys, Bugs and Paddles
World of Keys is $18.00. This book is available from ARRL.