Sunday, January 21, 2007


KEYS II: THE EMPORIUM The World's Most Admired Keys - New And Old
by Dave Ingram, K4TWJ

This book was inspired by numerous requests for a sequel to my popular "Keys, Keys, Keys" book published a several years ago. Rather than continuing with "more of the same" (although that expansion would have made a terrific book in itself), however, I pulled out all the stops to bring you views of the world's most admirable keys. Indeed, this blowout collection features many keys never before seen in publication! It includes hand keys, bugs fully automatic bugs, paddles, verticals and miniatures in both old and new categories. Most of the older keys are collectors' prides; most of the new (and available right now) keys are well on their way to becoming modern classics. Combined, they make an absolutely incredible collection I can only describe as a "keys emporium". This book includes:
  • Classic Hand Keys
  • Ever-Popular Bugs
  • Unusual Bugs
  • Exotic Bugs and Keys
  • QRP Keys and Paddles
  • New Keys and Paddles
Book is $16.00 (U.S.). Book is available from ARRL.